Exclusive Interview with Conpance

We interviewed Espadriu Conpanse who is cover model in August.

She is in studio now.

Let's go meet her
VJ: Hi, Conpanse!
Conpanse: Hi, there
Espadriu Conpanse
born in 1991 (24 years old)
Made hot debut at 'HIsim' in 2009.
Fascinating top model and actress.
Recently starred at All About Sims(2014)
VJ: You dyed your hair
VJ: Your natural face look so innocent. (smile)
Conpanse: (LOL) I'm embarrassed because I don't have any make-up.
Conpanse: Now I'm taking a rest for next shot.
VJ: I get it. You took a chic concept catalog, right?
Conpanse: Yes, You can see my works at HESIM August.
VJ: You are the cover model for this month.
Conpanse: Yes, luckly.
VJ: What's the most impressive point?
Conpanse: Well... Chic but lovely?
VJ: I bet it. Are you shy person?
Conpanse: Yes, people thought that I'm. and also say I don't look like shy person.
Conpanse: I'm not good at express my feelings.
VJ: I can't imagine if I only see your pictures.
Conpanse: Yeah, I heard a lot like that mentions.
VJ: What was your favorite concept in this work?
Conpanse: hmm, I always do heavy make-up.
Conpanse: So I like this innocent, barely make-up face.
conpanse: I took a shot with greenish colored hair.
Conpanse: I concentrated that you feel dreamy and mysterious.
VJ: Do you like innocent concept?
VJ: by the way, these days are so hot.
Don't you feel any trouble?
Conpanse: When I was in outside shooting
Conpanse: it was for the dreamy and mysterous cencept I mentioned.
Concept: I was alost fainted because of hot weahter.
VJ:  Really?
Conpanse: Yeah, not that much serious.
Conpanse: We only took few pictures
Conpanse: because I coudn't stand for it.
Conpanse: I didn't feel satisfied.
VJ: I saw yours when I passed this studio.
 It was amazing.
Conpanse: Thank you so much. After that, I took several nutrients more.
VJ: Please take care of your condition. Now we finish this interview because it's time to go you take next shot.
VJ: Thanks for interviews today. and say hello to your fans.
Conpanse: Thank you and I always love you guys. I will keep trying to be a better model. love ya!
You can see all works at 'Boutique HESIM'
You can see all works at 'Boutique HESIM'
Boutique HESIM
Boutique HESIM
F/W new product
VIP room is ready.
We interviewed a few customers who visit Boutique HESIM.
Jamy (23, Student)
Jamy (23, Student)
I loved this stripe shirt and also line of this shirt is gorgeous.
monica (33, IT Company)
I like it's comfortable but fashionable.
Caroline (28, Shop)
Caroline (28, Shop)
It's quite expensive but It worth.
See you at next month.
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