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Iwata Satoru who leads Nintendo since 2002

There was almost 20~30 male users in early 2000s.

So almost of games were designed for man users.

But Iwata has different perception on game.

He persists that,

"Game has to be fun."

"and it should be for everyone."

He announced Nintendo DS which has intuitive seperated touch screen.

It appeals to the people who thought game is difficult and dizzy.

It became explosive popular product.

But he wasn't satisfied and said "Let's make some game which can give fun of physical moving."

So, Nintendo Wii was developed.

It can provide a lot of physical active games.

He passed away in Jul 11, 2015.
He was 55 years old.

Huge crowd who loved game and whole game industry left

a lot of memorials.

There was something special on memorials.

Why did Gamers leave thank you messages to him?

He mentioned as keynote speaker at GDC in 2005.

"My business card said that
I'm CEO."

"but I think I'm developer."


"But I felt I'm gamer as well."

He developed products thinking that himself as one of gamer

but not a CEO or developer.

All the memorials were messages from gamers

to another gamer

 with love and respect.

He had tried to let all the people knows fun of game.

He left us a precious called "Fun".

Thank you, Iwata.