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I have headache. How long did I sleep?

Where am I?

I don't remember why I'm here...

It's like an amnesia?

No, It's not.

My name is Jinwon Kim.

30 years old.

I memorize who I am and how I have lived.

It's partial amnesia??

like cliche for TV show or movies...

Now this moment, it's like something may happens only in movies.

somebody kidnapped me and lock me down?

every time I try to remember what happened, the pain is getting worse.

I need to figure out where I am firstly.

I felt now I'm in a room even if It's too dark.

I stood up even I still have severe headache.

Let's figure out...

I followed wall and went foward.


I found a switch and lighted on.

I was able to see inside of the room.

very old room.

I was in dirty bed. I could see a table and drawer.

Somehow it's normal room. Even though there was no windows.

It looked like empty for long time, but electricity worked.

By the way, why am I here?

I tried to remember but it makes me painful again.

Did I take a drop too much? It's frustrating that I coudn't remember anything.

I stepped at the door.

Let's get out of here.


Door is locked.

A door which can be locked outside...

Do I really lock down here?

Suddenly, I came up with horrible idea.

Kidnapping and organ harvesting...

I thought that kind of rumor.

I checked myself.

arms... legs...

It looks fine except my severe headache.

Didn't they touch my body yet...?

Anyway I must get out of this place.

Maybe there's something to help me out.

I came close to the drawer.

To Be Continued.
(If you guys like it)

레몬 오오 분위기 있어요!!!
Like it!8 · reply · 2014-11-27
바다소년 와 씨 퀄리티 쩐다 어찌저찌들어왔다가 대박보네 이거 연재주기는 어떻게 되요???
Like it!6 · reply1 · 2014-11-29
투블리 킁킁. 어디서 대작 냄새가... 감동받고 갑니다.
Like it!5 · reply · 2014-11-28
맴맴 대박이네요 ㅋㅋ
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Chanel 선추천!
Like it!1 · reply · 2015-02-15
냥모나이트 심장이 쫄깃쫄깃, 가슴이 선덕선덕ㅎㅎㅎㅎ
Like it! · reply · 2014-12-06
알렌 작화퀄 덜덜하네요.
Like it!1 · reply · 2014-11-30
바다소년 와 씨 퀄리티 쩐다 어찌저찌들어왔다가 대박보네 이거 연재주기는 어떻게 되요???
Like it!6 · reply1 · 2014-11-29